Media Kit - Overview


Our token is planned as a rewards token that was created on the Binance Smart Chain, with many incentives for its hodlers in the form of passive income. Holders will obtain a genuine source of passive income paid out in the form of reflections through a transaction tax and will also be eligible to purchase NFTs and receive a dividend income from a Divine Fund that will invest in upcoming blockchain/crypto projects and promising altcoins. Think of it as an ETF based rewards mechanism where holding $DIVI is equivalent to holding shares in a firm.


Divine Inu is planning to revolutionize the meme token industry by proposing an interesting use case in the form of passive income. Hodlers of Divine Inu can continue to hold their tokens and receive handsome rewards.


Through the Divine Fund, the $DIVINE community will also guide and nurture new and upcoming projects in the crypto industry. The Divine Fund will invest into these projects and share the income with its community. A pool of investment instruments (blue-chip cryptocurrencies, altcoins, NFTs and innovative blockchain projects) will be selected carefully to ensure a passive income for the hodlers of the Divine Inu token.


1% Liquidity, 4% Divine Fund, 3% Marketing, and 1% Reflections (rewards to $DIVI hodlers).


The Divine Inu roadmap has been divided into five eras: Flash, Light, Holy, Divine and Ascension. The last phase Ascension will be run by the community as Divine Inu transitions into a fully DAO based token. All decisions will be handled in a democratic fashion and the team will relinquish full control of the token. There are only a handful of tokens that have implemented full decentralization to this level.


The Divine fund recently invested in SpyWolf and this is the first of a planned series of investments that will ensure a steady pool of income for $DIVI hodlers. In the future, all governance powers will be delegated to the Divine DAO that will include governance and management of the Divine Fund, transaction tax and its, staking benefits, and marketing and development tasks.


Divine Inu’s sale received an overwhelming response with a total participation of $40,441, more than 80 participants, and the biggest contributors purchased large volumes throwing in some $2000 for a single trade.


The native token will be used as a medium of exchange and a store of value. It will also be used as a governance token in the future as Divine Inu will be governed as a decentralized autonomous organization (Divine DAO).


By staking the Divine Inu token when the platform (dapp) is finalized— the investor is given the right to dividend payouts from the fund as well as getting NFT’s or the revenues acquired from these unlocked and eventually sent to his or her wallet.


: The first NFT sale was concluded recently. Only 101 NFTs will be minted and as an owner of the limited edition NFT, the investor will have access to the exclusive telegram channel where he/she can participate in private sales, seed rounds, giveaways, and receive merchandise that the regular holder cannot.


The team behind Divine Inu consists of a diverse group of members spanning four continents. The members have different sets of skills and expertise such as coding, UX development, marketing and graphics designing but all of them are united and share one common goal – to reach for the moon with Divine Inu’s sustainable and revolutionary passive income model.