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It is our aim to create a community of loyal holders who together will make Divine Inu spectacular.

We will host AMAs to spread awareness and knowledge about existing and upcoming projects.

Work-related activities and competitions for active and skilled community members.


Our investors can vote on future product development and contracts, allowing them to shape the organization.
Without a hierarchical structure any innovative idea can be presented and become a reality.

Why Divine Inu?

Divine Inu is created for and with the community.

The native token will be used to vote on future product development, while also earning passive income from reflections as well as dividend payouts from the fund.

The value of Divine Inu will derive from multiple sources, but will be primarily driven by the Community, Metaverse presence (NFT) and the Divine Fund.




Stakers will receive token payouts as well as NFT’s from the fund.

Divine Fund

All transactions to and from the Divine Fund will be 100% transparent and will of course be traceable on the blockchain.

We provide liquidity, funding, as well as engage in governance of digital assets.

NFT’s will be a part of the Divine Fund.

Our connections in the crypto space allow us to participate in early presales that regular investors cannot.

Utilizing investment and yield farming profits from the Fund, the native tokens will be bought back and stored, increasing value and scarcity of our native token while also increasing bitcoin reflections towards the project.


Limited NFT collection.

NFT owners receives exclusive investment opportunities.

Divine Inu merchandise.



Tax allocation

1% Liquidity

4% Divine Fund

3% Development/Marketing

1% Reflections

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

(1 Billion)

Initial Token Distribution

The Divine Inu roadmap outlines the progress of the project, which has been divided into five eras: Flash, Light, Holy, Divine and Ascension.
A new set of capabilities is introduced throughout the course of every era.
Each era is defined sequentially, but the work related to each is often carried out simultaneously across the various development streams, including research, development, and experimentation.
Each era is compiled and described on its own dedicated page.
Each roadmap page contains information about its corresponding era.

In all, 101 NFTs will be minted – ever.

As an owner of the limited edition NFT, the investor will have access to the exclusive telegram channel where he/she can participate in private sales, seed rounds, giveaways, and receive merchandise that the regular holder cannot.

A royalty of 9% of any future trades will be retained in the contract to be used for further development of the Divine Inu project.

101 Divine Inu NFTs will be created during the project’s life, 50 of which will be sold and 50 will be available through staking and/or farming.



The starting price for the NFT’s will be 1 BNB (Auctions) apart from the tax-free and already minted NFT – created for display purposes.

A core team member since the beginning – will remain anonymous for the time being.


Contact DivineInuCrypto@gmail.com for inquiries regarding having the artwork for your NFT’s created by us.

The Divine Fund

Venture and Open Market Projects

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